Checking G3

10:00 am
Checked on G3, two queens had hatched. We set up a queen castle with two frames of brood, nectar, and pollen each for two sections of a four section queen castle. The entrance was closed and will remain so for twenty four hours. Each mating Nucleus was fed sugar water, and a pollen patty. A second deep hive was place on top to cover the jars of sugar water and a migratory top was added.

1:00 pm
Five pounds of bees were collected from cell finisher #2 and placed in the swarm cell box.

A frame of brood was removed from hive #21 and 30 larva were removed from the frame and place in cell frame and then moved to the swarm cell box, along with wet sponge, pollen patty and sugar water. Placed the swarm cell box under the shed in the shade. It will remain for a period of 48 hours to allow the bees to begin forming the queen cells.