Queen Rearing 2

Dear Friends,
Tomorrow, the larvae, which was grafted to cells and placed in the swarm box to induce queen cells will be removed from the swarm box and introduced to the “Cell Finishing Hive” # 8. I am scheduled to arrive at the farm at 10 am and will begin the process shortly afterwards. You are invited to attend, should your interest and schedule coincide with this time. I would estimate the process will take around 45 minutes to accomplish. The cell frames have to be placed in the cell finishing hive and the swarm box bees will have to be returned to the Cell Finishing Hives # 14 and # 15. The cell finishing hive #1 will be given sugar water and a pollen patty to encourage the nurse bees to “finish” the queen cells.

There are two queen cells in cell finisher #1 at present. They were protected on day April 11, day 11. Tomorrow will be day will be day 15, and a possibility they may have hatched. They will remain, regardless , until next week.
Hope you can be present, but if not, I wish each of you a very pleasant and enjoyable Easter.