Examining “Dead Outs” & “Hive Abandonment”

This blog is being created to assist beekeepers to manage their hive(s) with minimum dead outs and hive abandonment. I dare say most beekeepers suffer the loss of 30 to 80 percent of their hives each year, due primarily to these two causes.  We will, during the  year, examine the cause and effect of managing hives to assit the bees in coping with diseases, mites, pests, and other viruses. We will exam as many of these culprits as possible, using whatever is necessary to examine, identify, and control these problems. If you are serious about becoming involved, please let me know. Contact me at, buddy_may@bellsouth.net, and sign on to walk this path together.  You will be required to be involved with  your apiary, so, you can make the decision if  you want to learn more about what are the major problems facing you and most beekeepers in your apiary. Each month we will have a blog session to deal with the problems of that period and the immediate future in the life of our bees.Welcome aboard. Please let me hear from  you. Make the committment now.