For the Love of Bees


I recently read in the September, 2015 issue of the American Bee Journal, an article by Keith S. Delaplane, entitled “For the Love of Bees and Beekeeping” pg 1001, which I would like to bring to your attention. Here is the link, Here is a link to the article.

Keith explained in this article the method of splitting a hive to increase the colony size to improve foraging of honey during the honey flow. It got my attention and it may be something you wish to consider in your apiary. The procedure is as follows;

Select a colony in your apiary sometime in early April and split the colony equally into a second deep(leave queen in the mother colony), assuming your current hive consists of a deep and a shallow. Separate the current hive from the second brood deep with a double screen divider with entrances, and add a new mated queen to this colony. In essence, you now have two colonies each with a queen and laying eggs (1000 a day). Now, when the honey flow starts in your area (sometime in May or June), remove the double screen divider and added queen, and you will have a very strong hive. If you wish, leave the second queen in the colony and let the queens decided who stays and who goes. Now add your queen excluder and honey supers.

I hope this article will have some interest to you.