Queens are A’laying.


queenWhile feeding the bees today we (Anne Hughes-my assistant and I took a look into the cluster of several hives and concluded that the Queens began laying eggs approximately 10 days  ago. In several hives checked, we found capped and uncapped larva. I wanted to share this information with you, just in case you have not had an opportunity to look into your hives recently.

We are feeding with 1:1 sugar water and Mega Bee pollen patties. With the weather at 72 degrees F, many things will be happening ahead of normal schedule. Better bee prepared. The weather will change in the next week to freezing temps and we will shift to fondant or sugar candy with imbedded pollen patties, placed on the top of the frames of the brood cluster. You might want to check your hives soon to confirm your hive cluster situation. Because of the warm winter, Randy Oliver has warned of a very active Varroa Destructor this summer. Check out his web site for control of the Varroa with Oxalic Acid.

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Ralph “Buddy” May Jr. is a Double Master Beekeeper. He has been awarded the title of EAS Master Beekeeper and completed all the requirements for the Master beekeeper Level of the South Carolina Beekeepers Association. He may be contacted at buddy_may@bellsouth.net