Master Beekeeper Buddy


On Friday, August 9, 2013, Ralph C. (Buddy) May Jr. was awarded, in West Chester Pennsylvania, the coveted EAS Master Beekeeper Award by Dr. Dewey Caron, Chairman of the EAS Master Beekeeping  Certification. The EAS (Eastern Apicultural Society) is the largest non-profit Beekeeping Organization in the United States. This award is believed to be the first and only EAS Master Beekeeper Award achieved by a resident of South Carolina.

The EAS Conference is held in a different State each year with an attendance averaging over 750 each year. The Conference will be held in 2014 in Richmond, Kentucky. Buddy completed satisfactory, four (4) examinations over a 3 day period, Apiary Field Exam, Oral Exam, Written Exam, and Laboratory Exam. Photo is of Dr. Dewey Caron and Buddy as the Award is being presented. Dr. Caron is the EAS Chairman Emeritus & EAS Master Beekeeper Advisor.

Buddy also serves as a Director on the EAS Board of Directors representing the State of South Carolina.

Additionally, on Monday, August 11, 2013, Buddy was informed by the Master Beekeeper Program Chairman for the SCBA, that he had successfully completed the Master Beekeeper Exam in Clemson, SC at the Summer Conference. Buddy has completed the requirements for the Master Program and the documents are being submitted for acceptance.

Buddy has made a practice of sharing his beekeeping knowledge with many mentorees, currently approximately 25. He teaches beekeeping at both Furman Learning for You, and Furman OLLI. In addition Buddy teaches beginner beekeeping, intermediate beekeeping, and queen rearing at his apiary in Greenville, SC.